True Meditation

Tomie Trypt
7 min readApr 3, 2019


Yet another sacred art “westernized” into oblivion.

Meditation: A Sacred Practice

Meditation today has become an empty shell of its true greatness.

It has been peddled off as some superficial practice for hipster business men to do before a sales meetings, and boasted about by pilates going mothers who used it to deter them from strangling their middle grade children.

While it can help in these areas, the idea that these things are what meditation is for is akin to using the international space station as a vacation home. It works, but thats not its purpose.

Mediation is the practice of connecting us back to our true essence.

While meditating, we may peer into the universal creative force; the nebula from which all things materialized.

All that ever is, was, or could be.

The universe is very much alive. Be it people or objects, all things are an individuated piece of the whole.

Meditation is the act of connecting with that whole. When we commune with the universe we may begin to remember who/what we truly are. In maintaining that connection our hopes and dreams hasten to cross our path.

It is my firm belief that through meditation will come our next steps in evolution. People have worked hard to beat the physical world into submission, but it’s only through meditation we will come to understand the nonphysical aspects life.

It is through the nonphysical that we will find the solutions to our worldly ailments and frustrations.

Severed Connection

“I believe in the essential unity of man and, for that matter, all that lives. Therefore, I believe if one man gains spirituality, the world gains with him; and if one man falls, the whole world falls to that extent.”

- Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869–1948)

We claim to live in a world more convenient and peaceful than it has ever been. What has that gotten us?

Most have more anxiety and problems than ever before. We are disconnected and lost. Our minds run…



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