Remote Viewing: Unlimited Awareness

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Tomie Trypt
9 min readAug 13, 2020

What is remote viewing?

Remote viewing has often been referred to as ‘unlimited awareness’. The internet of consciousness.

Those that practice are able to gaze upon anywhere in the world, anywhere in the cosmos, all while sitting in their favourite chair. Not only can they see anywhere in ‘space’; advanced practitioners can also see the distant past, and even the probable future.

I know this may sound… Abstract. To say the least. But the statistics, and more importantly the personal experiences of millions (even if often minor), as well as the bonafide government funded programs from almost every major country, make it hard to deny.

More and more people have been recognizing and experimenting with the art of remote viewing. Most all of them finding results and successes much more often than they would have expected.

Evidently we don’t need to fully understand we’re doing or how we’re doing it. We can just do it.

While this concept may not fit snugly into your current understanding of the operations of reality, the practise is nothing new. Remote viewing has been practiced for millennia. It seems an ability that has been lost to time for most cultures. Thankfully we’re starting to remember.